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WHO IS the face
behind the

My name is Scott Wooten and I am a local freelance graphic artist out of Clayton, N.C. Creativity is my craft and I have an extreme passion and love for design & illustration. It would be an absolute honor to meet your acquaintance!

it's all
about the client.

My goal is to assist others by either starting a fresh, new branding strategy that will ultimately set them apart from competing businesses by elevating their current brand into new heights they have never seen before. I strive to come up with a branding approach for my clients that makes an impact with the perfect marketing strategy they have always dreamed of by keeping things consistent upon multiple mediums, and making sure that they are marketing themselves in a proper manner; a brand that they are ultimately proud of, a brand that leaves the impression that will make them say.....

"Hey, this is mine? I cannot
believe I own this." 


finding my identity
as a designer.

Believe it or not, It took me years in order to develop my own brand identity and a strategy that I felt was appropriately fitting for who I am; not only as a designer but who "Scott Wooten" is. Does this fully represent me as a person? Am I truly satisfied with my strategy? Sometimes, as designers, we can be our own worst critic. After a couple of years later and two rebrands, I finally landed on something that I felt as if I was 100% proud of!

What can scott bring to the table?

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